Features allow you to:

  • Organize your social life around you on a real time map.
  • Coordinate events and invite friends to get together.
  • Let you know when friends come nearby or to places you care about.
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: iPhone with iOS 6.1 or later

App Screenshots

RubEyes Functionality


Location Map

View all your contacts revolving around you in real-time.

Proximity Alerts

Customize the proximity distance between contacts, or disable alerts for individual profiles.

Visibility Status

Control your privacy by going "Invisible" to stop sharing your location and opt-out of all proximity alerts.


Create a geographic perimeter to be notified when a contact enters the Zone for important places.

Quiet Areas

Pause alerts from others who come near your quiet zone to stop nuisance notifications.

Plugging In

Share your location with your contacts on their map.


Organize events with your contacts through automated notifications as the event approaches.


Oraganize your contacts around your school life.

rubeyes will open up your world

For the past decade or so, people have been applying technology to their social lives in cool and iconic ways.
We've seen the rise of MySpace®, Reddit®, Youtube®, Twitter®, and of course Facebook®, among others.
Our society has come to adopt them more and more as replacements for actual social interaction, contributing to what has been called the "de-socialization of America."
So while you disseminate text messages, chat and post photos, and argue about the news and whose cat picture is cuter (let's be honest), what have you actually done with your time?
Many people have come to prefer socializing plugged into a wall or staring at a screen, and walls and screens aren't particularly social.
We leverage technology to enhance real face-to-face social interaction with people you care about.
rubeyes is the most significant development in social interaction since Twitter®.
Brian Cooley, editor-at-large at CNET®, recently on CBS This Morning®, referred to advances in mobile technology as part of "The continued de-socialization of America".
rubeyes is the antidote initiating The REsocialization of America—the next evolution of social networking; old school face-to-face contact with people you care about.
The next step forward in the evolution of social interaction.
Most of us already have many friends.
We just don't see them enough.
We wish we could connect with them in person more often; get some face time with them.
A pat on the back, a handshake, or even a bear hug; our emotional well-being depends on it.
No, this is not just another friend app, far from it.
Most existing social networks operate in the past tense.
They don't create social interaction well—they just talk about something after the fact.
rubeyes utilizes nearly 100 screens to connect you with all of your friends, old and new, near and far.
rubeyes is a comprehensive and independent social network offering a unique and holistic social experience, all right out of the gate and without much setup from you.
We grow friendships, create new ones by connecting people with friends in common, and keep you up to date on what your friends are up to in real-time.
rubeyes is old-school face-to-face interaction with people you care about, done in high tech.
Our platform is designed from the ground up to completely recreate your social life and put it in hyperdrive.
We operate in the present tense and the future tense, creating daily face-to-face interaction with your friends that you would otherwise miss out on and making it easier than ever to get groups of friends together at a moment's notice or for anytime in the future.
We use cutting edge GPS technology and other technologies to display everyone you know and all the places you love to go on a real-time map.
We display your social life dynamically around you, and then we give you the keys.
And the possible applications of rubeyes are nearly limitless.
We're the next evolution of social networking.
We do it real, we think we do it better, and we do it in ways that have never been done before.
And we're coming in fast. Go write about that on your Wall®.

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Rubeyes, LLC
P.O. Box 383
Johns Island, SC 29457